You are in skilled and loving hands.

Your chiropractic experience with us will be quite different to what you’ve been used to. Here you will experience a gentle, relaxing and deeply healing adjustment.  We use the most progressive chiropractic methods to allow your body to unwind and correct itself. 


What does a first visit look like at Gentle Clarity?

At your first visit, you will be asked to fill in a client intake form which asks the basic questions about you and your health, previous injuries and treatments.  We will ask about your exercise, diet, present and past emotional states, hobbies and work.

It may seem like a lot of questions if you’ve come in ‘just for back pain’. Over the years we’ve discovered, and research has proven, that your pain is deeply and directly related not only to physical things like age, heavy lifting and accidents, but also to what stress experiences you have had.

At Gentle Clarity, we don’t just treat your symptoms, you can take Panadol for that.  We care enough to look at the whole of you to find the cause of your pain, so you can look forward to enjoying your active and healthy life.


We work a bit differently

During your visit, you chiropractor will begin her assessment by moving her hands from your feet right through to your head, feeling for tension in all the muscles and joints.

This is the time for you to get comfortable, shift and do some nice relaxing deep breathing. This begins the process of unwinding your body in preparation for your adjustment.

As she works through, she may ask questions about what changes you have experienced since your last visit. You will begin a process of guided breathing and movement, followed by gentle corrections, using either your chiropractor’s hands or a small tool called an Activator.

Your adjustment will take anywhere from fifteen minutes to half an hour and is a process that you and your chiropractor go through together. It is not the usual ‘crack and go’ type of adjustment. Instead, your body will enjoy a gentle and complex technique that guides your body into making its own adjustments naturally.

When your adjustment is finished, it is advisable to sit quietly for a few minutes as it is quite intense work and many people feel quite groggy for a short while.


Very quickly you should feel quite energised.

It is very important that you drink plenty of water, go for a short walk and continue to do some deep breathing exercises that day. The process of the adjustment continues during the next day or two as your body continues to unwind.

Adjusting your body is a process that requires time. Each person in unique in their needs and their responses to adjustments. Your body may require just a few visits, or you may require many. Either way, enjoy the journey and may you experience many or all of the common ‘side-effects’ of chiropractic adjustments such as:

  • less pain
  • better flexibility
  • less stiffness
  • better sleep
  • greater sense of clarity
  • greater sense of wellbeing
  • more energy



Please note, payment is due at time of service. We accept Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS and cash.