Esoteric Needling – Advanced Energy Healing

What is it?

Esoteric Needling is a form of Advanced Energy Healing created by Dr. Mikio Sankey (also known as Esoteric Acupuncture) that focuses on supporting and assisting spiritual and energetic growth. It is a deeply transformative treatment that quiets the mind, allowing for a space of absolute stillness helping you to elevate and fine tune your spiritual awareness. Helping you to find your puzzle piece in life.

In Chinese medicine, all diseases are believed to stem from an imbalance of heart (spirit).  The heart (spirit) governs the presence of love and compassion in our lives and brings forth virtues such as tolerance, patience, non-judgement, empathy and forgiveness.  Imbalances of the heart (spirit) creates destructive frequencies such as fear and negative emotions that initiate disease. Esoteric Needling emphasizes wellness rather than simply addressing disease or physical symptoms.

How long is each session?

Dr. Lisa Naera offers deeply personal Advanced Energy Healing encounters for couples and for individuals. Each session lasts 1 to 1 ½ hours and is tailored specifically to you.

Encounters for couples and individuals

“The Lovemakers Frequency” is our couples encounter and is designed to help you clear energetic blockages, to harmonise and raise your energetic vibrations together as a couple. Thus, connecting you at a higher level.

“The One” is our individual session and is designed to help you to balance and open chakras, release granthic knots and raise your energetic vibrations to allow Kundalini to flow freely within and without. Thus, connecting with your inner spiritual heart wisdom.

You may experience…

Allow yourself to consider the possibility of:

  • a higher level of consciousness (awareness) in life
  • opening the mind to greater understanding
  • enhanced ability to think creatively
  • greater levels of insight or intuition
  • ability to “let go” and move forward in life
  • enhanced ability to make decisions and direct energy
  • more connection and meaning in your relationships
  • finding your unique puzzle piece in life
  • feeling more empowered and centred
  • inner peace and contentment
  • improved overall physical health

How to book

Book for your session by phoning 0432 082 220.